Guy Barzily

Losing my mind
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Guy Barzily is a musician, singer/songwriter and pianist. Born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Guy moved to New York at the age of 19 and after a year in the big apple decided to move to London and concentrate on his music.

In London Guy has worked as a live and session musician/singer, performing with various function bands and doing music sessions in different studios around London. Because of his passion for 'Musical Theatre' Guy decided to try and break into the musicals business of 'The West End' of London, an effort that got him at the age of 26 to play the part of 'Issachar' and the 'Calipso' in the very successful show 'Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat'. After a year performing with 'Joseph' (that included a UK tour of the show), Guy decided to take a break from 'The West End'.

During this time Guy again got back on the live music scene of London and started working as a solo performer with the Piano, and with different live bands as a lead singer/pianist. Around 2007 alongside his freelance music work, Guy joined the London based theatre company 'Make Believe' where he worked as a musical director on the professional theatre productions of the company. His work there included musical directions for 3 productions of 'Annie' , 'Bugsy Malone' and 'Fame'.

During that time Guy started performing in various countries around Europe, mainly Norway (Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen) and Holland (Groningen, Amsterdam). A regular and favorite venue for him was 'The great pianos' in Groningen, Holland, were he got to play very often, and started having some regular audience that showed interest and enthusiasm towards him and his music.

It's around that time in Holland that Guy got to see the first season of 'The voice of Holland' that left a big impact on him. The concept, quality and popularity of the show was very appealing to Guy and made him very keen in applying for the second season of 'The voice of Holland' which started an amazing journey for him.....